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26th-Sep-2020 04:51 pm - 06.2012 updated :)

Comment to be added :))

Summer 2013 EDIT: I'll probably be opening up friendship soon :)
20th-Aug-2013 03:17 pm - SPYAIR - Niji Lyrics Translation
karina close-up
I tried translating this song a couple months ago so I might as well share it here.
I know there are a several other translations of this out there in the world wide web, but I wasn't so sure about them and I wanted to give this a try and put my own twist to it. So yeah, you might find the lyrics translated too much into context and may not reflect the literal translation. But... It's a nice and catchy song and I fell in love with it immediately after hearing it in the drama "Sennyu Tantei Tokage" and I hope you like it too. mic (w hearts)

Kanji, Romaji, and TranslationCollapse )

Thank you very much for checking this out.
All comments and/or corrections are welcome and appreciated. juggling heart
25th-Mar-2011 06:42 pm - meme time~ BOLD YOUR JE CRUSH
kame dorky

Stolen from kamesoul (I even stole her super bolding technique to emphasize the amount of love) xP 
But, I modified it slightly to satisfy my OCD standard :P  Sowwie ^^;; 

Well actually, more than "slightly" because I basically made the whole list from scratch and I added a few missing names (there were lots! o_O) and details..
So now it kinda turned out to be similar to the list I made two weeks ago XD

BOLD YOUR JE CRUSH! (I sort of cheated a bit too tho XP)
If you look closely, you can see that there are 3 levels of bolding :)

almost everyone is in bold :PCollapse )
13th-Nov-2010 08:56 am - ICONS~BANNERS and bday greetings
kame dorky
first off: 

technically, im not late since it's still the 13th over here where i live xP
*continues to avoid the CUW pv drama w/ bday posts* :D

november bday greetings :DCollapse )


i was bored once again i decided to play around with my photoshop program, u know, just trying to figure out how things worked and such..and then i  tought, why not make some tottsu graphics for his bday while im at it! YAY stroke of genius! NOT!!
they suck and i know it -_- but at least i tried :x
so here they are~

41 icons (more like slightly edited bases than icons xP)
4 f-o banners with a couple of variations each, making it 15 banners in total!


behold....TOTTSU MANIA!!Collapse )
kame dorky
I don't think anybody posted translated or romanized lyrics to the DREAM BOYS '07 remix of "Next Dream" and "Kizuna", so i thought i'd do it^^
The lyrics for "Next Dream" have been taken from newssuki here, and the translations were based from the subbed vid.
Note: I didn't take the translated lyrics from the source verbatim, I changed some a bit to make it fit better (in my opinion, at least)...and since I'm no Japanese native speaker, so if you find my translations wrong or off, please comment so i could fix it.

On to the lyrics~!!!Collapse )
6th-Jun-2010 11:50 am - .YEAAAHH!
kame dorky
LOL, I know it's late for me to be posting this (considering I've been reading about them since yesterday XD)


5th-Mar-2010 07:33 pm - [OneShot] Together with Tacchan
kame dorky

Title: Together with Tacchan
Pairing: KameDa
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Disclaimer: i dont own any of them
Warning: character death

A/N: comments and critisism are welcome. douzo~

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